127 – A trip to Africa for Orphans and Widows

First off I love traveling/shooting humanitarian work. In July I had the opportunity to travel to Africa and document the work that 127 Worldwide is doing through its local partners in Uganda and Kenya. 127 connects people to the needs of orphans and widows around the globe through education, advocacy, and sponsorship.

Below are some RAW still frames straight from my Sony F3 – w/S Log and Atomos Samurai in Kibera a massive slum in Nairobi, Kenya

Shooting solo in Africa is very interesting… Somehow I managed to put the F3 in one pelican 1510 and all lenses/etc in one Cinebag backpack. Honestly the F3 is a little big for run gun humanitarian style shooting especially without anyone to assist. After a few projects I’ve really been loving the F3 especially with S-Log and an ext. recorder to achieve higher data rates and a cleaner image.  The best investment I made was to purchase the Element Technica F3 riser plate.  Its super light and excellent for handheld… best part is it slides straight onto an Arri dovetail. Anyway… shooting in Africa was an absolute joy.  I really admire the founder Sara Beth and the work 127 is doing. I’m very excited to begin editing this material.

Below is one of my favorite still frames straight from the camera, a boy eating his lunch at the Tumaini orphanage in Uganda.