The Hope The World Has Yet To See

“The Hope The World Has Yet To See” is a vision film for U.S. based non-profit 127. 127 connects people to the needs of orphans and widows around the globe through education, advocacy, and sponsorship. In eight days I traveled through remote landscapes in Uganda and inter city slums in Kenya to capture the vision behind an organization that is passionate about the caring of orphans and widows. All footage was captured by the Sony F3 with external recording to the Atomos Samurai and lensed with Zeiss ZF.2′s.

Client | 127 (Tumaini Miles Of Smiles, Acres of Hope, Swahiba Youth Networks)
Cinematographer/Producer/Editor | Adam Hobbs
Camera Assistant | Matt Whitehead
Voice Talent | Adam Behr
Score | AJ Hochhalter
Special Thanks to – Sara Beth Fentress, Katie Hobbs, Whitney & Scott Sauce