Salt of Kanawha

The briny legacy of an ancient sea under the Appalachian mountains is inspiring a seventh generation of salt-makers to resuscitate their family business. Their incredibly structured salt is, in turn, inspiring chefs across the country — most notably Sean Brock — to standardize on its use in their restaurants.

A FoodieTV Original Production
Director | Tim Grant
Writer | Emilia Fuentes Grant
Director of Photography | Adam Hobbs
Featuring | J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works

KORRITO // Savoring Korea Trailer

Savoring Korea – A Taste of Home is a three-part mini documentary series sponsored by Korea Foods Co. Ltd, and lead by Joo Lee owner of Korrito UK. In this short docu series Joo explores the past, present and future of Korean cuisine. The documentary showcases the many flavors of Korean food from beautiful South Korea but also charts the growing scene in London, with views from celebrity chef and Sunday Times Food Writer Gizzi Erskine; Head-chef of Smokehouse and Korean food connoisseur Neil Rankin; and the wise Godfather of the UK food scene, Roy Ackerman CBE.

For more information and to view the completed episodes please visit -

Writter and Creator | Joo Lee
Executive Producers | Dan Suh & Yooni Suh
Director /Cinematographer | Adam Hobbs
Producers | Erica Lee, Kimberly Chae, Sooyon Park
Camera Assistants | Zack Whiteside, Ken Bonar
UK Production Assistant | Lauren Davis
Production Sound | MJ Lee
Title Design | SK Lee
Sponsors | Korea Foods UK


This is the story of UIC Yonsei University student CHOA CHOI, who is a female Korean ice hockey player playing in a men’s team. The video is a collaboration between Adam Hobbs and Nils Clauss.

CHOA won Vimeo Staff Pick in January 2014.

Directors/Cinematographers | Adam Hobbs, Nils Clauss
Executive Producer | Hyungji Park
Producer | Jangjung Lee
Editor | Nils Clauss
Colorist | Adam Hobbs
Title Design | Joel Robertson
Music | Candlegravity “With Many Tears”

The Hope The World Has Yet To See

“The Hope The World Has Yet To See” is a vision film for U.S. based non-profit 127. 127 connects people to the needs of orphans and widows around the globe through education, advocacy, and sponsorship. In eight days I traveled through remote landscapes in Uganda and inter city slums in Kenya to capture the vision behind an organization that is passionate about the caring of orphans and widows. All footage was captured by the Sony F3 with external recording to the Atomos Samurai and lensed with Zeiss ZF.2′s.

Client | 127 (Tumaini Miles Of Smiles, Acres of Hope, Swahiba Youth Networks)
Cinematographer/Producer/Editor | Adam Hobbs
Camera Assistant | Matt Whitehead
Voice Talent | Adam Behr
Score | AJ Hochhalter
Special Thanks to – Sara Beth Fentress, Katie Hobbs, Whitney & Scott Sauce