Savouring Korea – The Taste of Home

At the end of last year I began working with Joo Lee, a British Korean, and owner of Korrito with a idea to create a mini doc series on Korean food in Korea and the UK. Joo runs Korrito UK a Korean BBQ/Burrito street food business based in the heart of London.

There was a ton of freedom on this project and I took it upon myself to develop a more stylized approach to the series. As the director and cinematographer on this project I was also able to work with a handful of talented individuals as well. I’ll post the final videos once they are released toward the end of April.

You can find a bit more about the project here

Below is a short trailer for the upcoming series. Thanks for watching.



Very fun time shooting with the “Semi Permanent” crew at the 2013 Seoul Fashion Week.  Took the opportunity to break out my Sony F3 even though we are shooting the show on the 5dmk3.  Fashion shows are really fun to shoot… tons of handheld, different lighting temps, and crazy designer outfits.  Here are just a few still frames from the show.

We Moved To Seoul, South Korea

Feels crazy to say it but my wife and I now live in Seoul.  We have talked about living abroad for a few years so after my wife got a job offer with an international school based in Seoul we took the plunge.  I will continue to freelance and have already shot a few things as well as received a longer gig with Korea’s Arirang Network for a new show “Semi Permanent”. It’s amazing how meeting other creatives transcends language and culture. Katie my wife is loving her new job and work environment. Although we miss our friends and family dearly we are really enjoying our time here so far!  What an amazing city filled with amazing people.