King And The Shan People

A few still frames from our trip to Thailand. Katie and I met up with a group of missionaries to capture the story of “King” an elderly Shan woman living in Chiang Mai. Here she is pictured below praying before dinner.

I was welcomed with open arms into there village after we visited (without cameras) just to laugh and get to know each other. King first heard the gospel on the radio and has been reading her bible, building her faith ever since. Her relationship with Christ is super challenging due to her husband being the villages spirit doctor.

For this project I spent two half days in the village documenting King’s story. All shooting was done with the Sony F3, Atomos Samurai, and Zeiss primes.

The majority of the Shan are buddhists and originally from Burma (Shan state), that said lots of the Shan have left Burma for work or a more stable political environment. Life is difficult as a Shan. Originally rice cultivators and artisans the Shan now work heavily in the construction industry for very low wages. Shooting here was extremely humbling and beautiful. More on this project as editing begins.

Happy New Year

2012 was great year full of new adventures and fun projects. Very excited about new partnerships and future projects on the horizon for 2013. Thankful for awesome friends, family, and especially my amazing wife Katie. ¬†Let’s make 2013 awesome. ¬†Happy New Year from Hong Kong!