Flagship // Break The Sky Behind the Scenes

The Calnin Bros and I teamed up again for Flagship’s latest single “Break the Sky” which is off their new record.  I’m grateful for the level of trust and working relationship that directors Chris, Nathaniel and I have been able to build.   We set out from the beginning knowing that we wanted a more free handheld look while playing with different color hues both in a natural space and with  additional lighting.

Here are some low rez screen grabs.

Living in Seoul you constantly see how the harsh neon and color light plays off the pale skin of Korean faces at night.  That inspiration along with long chats with Eric Hurtgen and many references from the Calnin’s was what lead to the color palette of “Break the Sky”.  The Calnin Bros have a great eye for locations and together we were able to find great spots with existing light that we could add just a little bit here or there to encourage or motivate a feeling with hues of red, green, or blue.  It was a very organic experience… driving around to places that I have previously seen only now with other influences I felt like I was seeing these locations with a new approach.

The performance part of the video was more traditionally lit with various sources.  Color was used to give a visual link to locations during the narrative part of the video.

Flagship / Break The Sky from Chris Calnin & Nathaniel Calnin on Vimeo.

DIRECTOR | Calnin Bros
DP | Adam Hobbs
ART DIRECTOR | Eric Hurtgen
COOR PRO | Misty Arnold
MAKE-UP | Renee Goodwin Heroy
STYLIST | Cigi Guz
COLOR | Jacob Lewis
GIRL | Megan Scott
AC | Zach Whiteside
STEADICAM | Collin Scouten
GAFFER | Alan Pickelsimer
PHOTOGRAPHER | Anna Naphtali
PA | Mat Clum, Scott Jones, Angie Synan, Kendra Sands
CLIENT | Bright Antenna Records

// Technical //
Camera – RED
Lenses – Cooke S4 and Zeiss ZF
*Handheld and Steadicam operation

You can purchase Flagship’s new album directly through there label Bright Antenna.

All Behind the Scenes photography by Anna Naphtali

Flagship // What It’s All About Music Video

Directors Chris Calnin and Nathaniel Calnin (calninbros) graciously invited me to shoot there music video with Flagship, an extremely talented band from Charlotte NC.  Production was set over three nights using available sodium vapor lighting in the street and window motivated light in an old house.  Extremely fun shoot with a very talented crew including art director Eric Hurtgen, gaffer Brent Christy, and Jeremy Ball among many talented others.  We pushed the limits of the RED Scarlet in a variety of low light situations and lensed the majority of the scenes with a set of Zeiss ZF primes and a Nikon 24-70 zoom.  Lighting mainly consisted of an Arri 2k fresnel through the window along with two LED Arri LoCasters bounced or open faced.  Lookout for another music video with Flagship this summer.


Photos below by Jon Muedder