Bad Romance – Women’s Suffrage

Working with Soomo Publishing is always a good time.  Director and very close friend Tim Grant pulled me in to shoot the latest satirical video piece titled Bad Romance – Women’s Suffrage.  This video is the follow up to our previous collaboration Too Late to Apologize – A Declaration.  Both videos are used as marketing material for Soomo and with close to 4 million views on Too Late Apologize I’d say they have been successful.

Production for Bad Romance – Women’s Suffrage was smooth and fast. We shot over two days in The Broadcast Group studios.  Although the budget was nowhere close to Lady Gaga’s 2 million, Tim and Production Designer Jeffery Barrows did an amazing job creating the look.  They transformed a 20,000 sq studio space into numerous different sets.

Here are a few lo-rez still frames.

Camera wise we shot on the Sony F3 with Sound Devices Pix240 recorder and Leica Cine-Mod lenses.  The camera package and lenses were provided through Edit at Joes.  Although the Leica primes/zoom were cine-modded still lenses they worked flawlessly throughout the shoot.

Sony F3 w/Leica R 80-200, Pix240 Recorder, and DP6 monitor from SmallHD.

The Leica R 80-170 2.8 zoom is extremely sharp and helped us with speed.  Tim and I work almost without talking and that was good considering the 60 or so setups we had per day.  The shoots pace was crazy fast, but I couldn’t have done it without 1st AC Greg Hudgins and Gaffer Bob Schaner… major props to those guys.  Overall it was an excellent shoot and Soomo is a pleasure to work with.

Here is the final piece.