Salt of Kanawha

The briny legacy of an ancient sea under the Appalachian mountains is inspiring a seventh generation of salt-makers to resuscitate their family business. Their incredibly structured salt is, in turn, inspiring chefs across the country — most notably Sean Brock — to standardize on its use in their restaurants.

A FoodieTV Original Production
Director | Tim Grant
Writer | Emilia Fuentes Grant
Director of Photography | Adam Hobbs
Featuring | J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works


This film features CHOA CHOI, a female Korean ice hockey player playing on a men’s team. The video is a collaboration between Adam Hobbs and Nils Clauss.

CHOA was awarded Vimeo Staff Pick in January 2014.

Directors/Cinematographers | Adam Hobbs, Nils Clauss
Executive Producer | Hyungji Park
Producer | Jangjung Lee
Editor | Nils Clauss
Colorist | Adam Hobbs
Title Design | Joel Robertson
Music | Candlegravity “With Many Tears”